As part of its broad objectives to support development in Offa, Offa Descendant Union of North America (ODUNA) sets up scholarship awards to students in Secondary Schools (High School) in Offa, Nigeria. The following are the eligibility criteria for the scholarship award:

1. The student must be in good academic standing (good to excellent performance in the previous two academic years).

2. The student must be currently enrolled in any of the designated secondary schools in Offa, Nigeria

3. The student can be described as indigent based on the estimated household income of the parents or guardian

4. Indigence is as determined by the school principal, his/her designee or as provided in an existing determination process in the schools. However in general, a household income not more than the prevailing minimum wage in Nigeria is a good estimate.

5. The student may be qualified by the school officials through an examination and or already existing process in the schools

6. Relatives of ODUNA officers and board members or school officials who participate in the selection process are ineligible for the award.


  1. Offa Grammar School, Offa.
  2. Olalomi Comprehensive College, Offa.
  3. Iyeru Grammar School, Offa.
  4. Okin High School, Offa.
  5. Moremi Girls High School, Offa.
  6. Offa Community Grammar School, Offa.
  7. AnsarUd-Deen College, Offa.
  8. St. Clare’s Anglican Girls Grammar School, Offa.


  1. Scholarship awards will be given to high school students that meets the selection criteria in all the six community established high schools (No private schools) in Offa.
  2. Award to be given to one student in each of SS1, SS2 and SS3 at each school.
  3. Total award each year will be 24 ( 3 in each school  X 8 schools)
  4. Each award will be 10,000.00 naira per year, starting from 2012-2013 academic year.
  5. The award will be paid directly to each school for the student.
  6. The award is a one time award with eligibility for renewal provided the student maintains a passing grade.
  7. Award of scholarship is base on availability of funds and there are no guarantees that scholarship will be awarded each year.
  8. Application will be opened in January of each year and close by end of April of each year.
  9. Winners will be selected by the end of July.


  1. The scholarship will be well publicized on all available media to the association including; Oduna website (, local newspaper, local radio station and in all the schools.
  2. Application forms along with instruction on how to complete the form  will be made available in schools, at ODU office in offa and on ODUNA website
  3. Student interested in the scholarship will complete the application form and present it to his/her teacher for recommendation.
  4. The student should write a short essay of no more than 500 words on why he/she should be awarded the scholarship (Not an essay competition.)
  5. The completed form along with the essay will be forwarded to the principal who in turn recommend two to three qualified students per arm (JSS1, SS1 and SS2).
  6. The principal is left to decide on how these students are selected, he may decide to set up a committee or use an existing committee to make the selection using the outlined criteria.
  7. The teachers and the principals are free to add a comment on each application that may help the scholarship board in making their selection.
  8. The names of the nominees along with relevant papers would be forwarded by the principals to:
    1. ODU secretary in Offa
    2. ODUNA secretary in the USA
  9. Winners will be selected by ODUNA Scholarship board and presented to NEC
  10. A waiting list would be made incase any of the winners drop out.
  11. Winners will be notified through the schools
  12. Winners will be published on ODUNA web site and other relevant media available to the association.
  13. Awards will be presented by ODU secretary and ODUNA representative at the students’ assembly recommended by the school at the end of each school year.
  14. This scholarship is being expanded starting in academic year 2012/2013; therefore students that are already awarded scholarship will continue to get the scholarship provided they meet the criteria.
  15. Current recipient who continue to be qualified will be counted towards the goal of one recipient per arm in each academic year in each school.
  16. Once we have a recipient per arm, the scholarship will be available to only one new qualified student advancing from JSS3 to SS1 and any open spot in SS1 and SS2.
  17. This scholarship is not open to SS3 students except where there is an open spot for the academic year. Therefore, S3 student should only apply when there is a vacant spot for SS3 award.
  18. Scholarship funds will be disbursed at the beginning of each academic session.
  19. ODUNA reserve the right to change the criteria for the award of the scholarship without prior notice.
  20. ODUNA reserves the right to withdraw an awarded scholarship if there is a brake in the integrity of the selection.